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Blaby Westfield House Hotel
15 Enderby Road Blaby LE8 4GD
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Welcome to blaby fitness

Blaby Fitness is located in the Blaby Hotel on Enderby Road. It has great facilities and equipment to cater for any fitness goal.
Memberships start at just £25 a month and give you unlimited access to the gym.
Also available are expert personal training and nutritional programming.

About Blaby Fitness Gym Leicester

Meet the team

Sean Walton

Gym and Personal Training Manager

Sean has been a fully qualified personal trainer for seven years. He has enjoyed great success working with many clients, both men and women, with ages ranging between 14 and 93 years old. He has worked in and managed numerous gyms and also travelled the world on board cruise ships as a motivational speaker and fitness professional. Sean takes what he does very seriously and nothing is more important to him than his students’ goals and body aspirations. Sean believes that as a trainer his main goal is to first teach you how to be healthy and happy, before motivating you to follow with the actions it takes to achieve this. Motivation through education!

Weight/Fat loss
Increasing muscle tone
Strength and Size

Advanced Diploma in Personal Training REPs Level 3
Yoga and Pilates Certificates
Advanced Nutrition

Matt Hardman

Personal Trainer

Matt thinks that fitness is a very important factor throughout life, which is why he has taken it upon himself to become a personal trainer so he can pass his knowledge to you. What he wants most is to get the best possible results out of you for your benefit and self-esteem. He enjoys working with people no matter what their aim and setting goals for them to achieve this;age is no barrier. Remember that the only competition is you!

Weight loss
Strength and Size

Level 2 fitness instructor
Level 3 personal training course


Personal Trainer

Charlene has a passion for Athletics, being committed to her training at Saffron Lane Athletics Stadium and competing for the Leicester Coritaniums. She is a qualified level 3 Personal Trainer and has completed her advanced NVQ nutrition qualification and has gained vast knowledge and guidance for tailored 1-2-1 personal training and nutrition plans. Having the experience of working with people of all ages and the desire to motivate individuals to strive, achieve and exceed their personal goals. She holds circuit’s and boxing classes for people of all ages/fitness levels to get fit and have fun. Charlene’s overall goal is to provide motivation, moral support and knowledge throughout each individual’s journey.

Weight loss
Fat loss

Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training
NVQ Advanced Nutrition
REPs Level 3
Level 3 personal training course

Circuit Classes
Muay Thai Boxing classes for beginners/intermediate

Michelle Karabel


Michelle has always had a passion for and been enthusiastic about physical fitness and wellbeing. Exercise is a regular part of her life, which is why she has chosen this job at Blaby Fitness. She enjoys helping others and boosting their self-esteem.

Gym Facilities and services

Cardio Equipment - bikes, cross trainers and steppers

Cardio Equipment - treadmills and rowers

Full Resistance machine circuit to train legs, back, chest, shoulder, arms and abdominals

Core strength and functional training area

Dumbbells - Small set 1-10kg and Large set 2 - 45kg

Olympic bench press, Smith Machine and squat rack with pull up bar

Get in touch today

Direct debit memberships range between £25 and £30 a month. We don’t ask you to pay any initiation or joining fee. Also, an induction and program can be supplied free of charge on joining. Pay as you go options are also available.
We are always updating our offers so please get in touch for membership prices, more information on what we offer or to join. We look forward to seeing and hearing from you soon.


The Blaby Westfield House Hotel
15 Enderby Road

Opening times

Mon-Thurs: 06:30 - 21:00
Fri: 06:30 - 20:00
Sat: 08:00 - 16:00
Sun: 08:00 - 14:00


0116 247 7693